Hurricanes are scary and when they hit, they cause significant damage, but they are a possibility (and sometimes inevitability) of living and owning a property in South Florida. The easiest and least damaging way to install hurricane protection is to have fixed accordion or rolling shutters in place that you can simply open and close when necessary.


So, what are the benefits of fixed rolling and accordion shutters?


Most of the Time, You Won’t Notice Them

These shutters are fixed, but accordion and rolling shutters are designed to hide neatly above or beside your windows and aren’t large and bulky. They are available in a range of colors so you can choose a color to match the frames of your windows or accents on your home.



You Are Always Ready

When you have fixed shutters you don’t have to worry about whether or not you should run to the hardware store to see if they have any plywood boards left for you to nail over your windows. Instead, you can keep an eye on the weather forecast and deploy the shutters right before storm approaches.


You Won’t Damage Your Home

If you chose to leave your hurricane defense to the last minute, your only option may be to nail boards over your windows, which means you will damage the outside of your home with holes you will have to repair later.


And, in worst case situations where you aren’t able to put up boards or shutters, you’ll just have to hope that the storm misses your home.

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One-Time Expense

Rolling and accordion shutters are fixed solutions, meaning you don’t have to store them somewhere on your property or go out to repurchase them next year because they’ve been misplaced or used for something else.


However, due to normal wear and tearmaintenance is needed for your shutters every 6 months or annually, depending on how much they are affected by the elements such as water or debris. Sometimes a part like the lock will need to be replaced, which you can have a contractor change for you. This is still a minimal expense when compared to the repairs you will need to do because of damage caused by a hurricane on your unprotected home.


They Keep You, Your Family, Your Pets or Your Tenants Safe

The most important benefit of having fixed shutters is that they protect you and your family or your tenants during a storm. They will prevent debris from flying through the window, potentially harming those inside, or shattering the glass that may also cause harm especially if swept up by violent winds.


Bonus: Help You Receive an Insurance Discount

In Florida, if you protect all of the openings in your home that have glass with shutters, storm panels, or impact-resistant materials, then you can receive a discount on your homeowners insurance. Be sure to contact your homeowners insurance provider to get more information. Also, ensure that you have a licensed and insured contractor install Florida Building Code approved hurricane protection in order for you to receive the discount.


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