All homeowners are looking for ways to increase the value of their homes, and for properties in South Florida, one of the best and most practical ways to do this is to have impact windows and doors installed. But what are impact windows and doors, and how will they increase the value of your home?


Read on to learn what they are and 4 reasons why they will improve the value of your home, both to you as the owner and to future buyers or tenants.


What are Impact Windows and Doors?

As the name implies, “impact” is just an easier way to say “impact-resistant.” Impact windows are designed to help homeowners protect their property from costly damage caused by hurricanes and intruders.


They work through a combination of heavy-duty frames, two bonded panes of impact-resistant laminated glass, and a special glazing method that keeps the glass from breaking away from the frame. This creates a window or glass door that will not shatter under impact, continuing to offer your home protection and keeping anything or anyone unwanted out of your home.


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Now that you understand how they work, let’s get into the 4 reasons impact windows and doors will increase the value of your South Florida home:


1. They Will Protect the Home During Hurricanes

Impact windows and doors are designed to keep unwanted debris out of your home. And during a storm, they will do no more than crack if an extremely large piece of debris hits the glass and will continue to provide protection for the duration of the storm.


This means that you do not have to board up your home during a storm, or use hurricane shutters, and if a storm hits while you are out of town you can rest a little easier knowing your home is protected.


2. They Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Impact windows are double-paned, which means they help keep heat in during winter, and cool air in during summer. Your heating and air conditioning systems won’t have to work as hard, saving you money.


3. They Keep Intruders Out

Impact windows and doors mean you can have all the natural light you want in your home without the fear that all that glass is inviting burglars to break into your home.


Even if an intruder comes to your home and attempts to break in, the glass will not shatter and permit them entrance, adding to the overall security of your property.


4. They Improve the Look and Comfort of Your Home

How? You can have large sheets of clear glass, giving you all the natural light you need to make your home a more beautiful and seemingly spacious place to be, and if you live in an area with a beautiful view, you can take more advantage of that, too.


An extra bonus of impact windows is that they naturally reduce noise from outside the property. All of this adds up to a more harmonious and comfortable place to spend your downtime.

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