Hurricanes can cause damage to any part of your home and one opening that often gets overlooked is the garage door(s). While most garage doors seem fairly sturdy, they can be severely damaged during a hurricane.

With a strong enough impact, your garage door can break and it is costly to repair or replace. The damage can also extend to what’s behind the garage door – your car or other belongings.


Sometimes during a storm, the gaps around the garage doors can cause flooding too. Accordion shutters with a rain guard can keep that from happening.

Also, homeowner’s insurance companies require that you protect your garage from hurricanes in order to receive the wind mitigation credit. So if you want to save money on your insurace, read on to learn what your options are.

Accordion Shutters

Aluminum accordion shutters for garage doors stay fixed on the sides of the garage opening. When a storm is approaching, you simply pull the shutters together to close and lock them. -And that’s it! You successfully secured your garage in preparation for a storm in just minutes.


These shutters are easy to deploy come in four colors to coordinate with your home’s design: white, ivory, beige, and bronze.


While they are not the cheapest hurricane protection solution, they are still a cost effective option and the top selling choice of all of our products.

Storm Panels

Another option to secure your garage doors for a storm is galvanized steel or alumninum panels. These removable panels are stored away when they are not being used and mounted prior to a storm.


Storm panels are a great alternative for a homeowner with a smaller budget and with the ability to carry the materials and mount them.


The panels come in 2 materials – galvanized steel and aluminum. The galvanized steel panels are the most cost effective option bit they are very heavy. The alumnium panels cost a but more but they are much lighter and easier to handle.


One thing to keep in mind is that storm panels have to be stored away when they are not in use and for a large opening like a garage, there are A LOT of panels. So if you decide on storm panels as the hurricane protection solution for your garage, then you’ll need to have enough space to store the panels.

Rolling Shutters

Rolling shutters are another fixed solution to protect your garage from damage during a storm. These shutters are held inside of a large box that stays afixed to the wall above the garage door opening.


When you’re ready to deploy the rolling shutters, you either turn the crank to roll down the shutters if they are manual or you use a remote to lower them if they are electric.


These shutters are pricier than accordion shutters but they are a bit more concealed than the accordion shutters.

Impact-Resistant Garage Doors

Impact-resistant (aka impact) garage doors are the most expensive hurricane protection solution for the garage. However, they are the sleekest looking option of them all.


Impact garage doors look just like regular garage doors but they are much heavier and therefore have a stronger level of protection. The materials are meant to protect your garage from virtually any impact that can happen during a storm.


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