Florida is well-known for its terrible hurricane season. Each year, hurricanes rip through the area, causing severe damage to properties, especially those not properly protected with hurricane shutters or impact windows.


Protecting your home against hurricanes can be a costly exercise, but the cost of this is far less than repairing the potential damage caused by a hurricane.

In this article, we will evaluate and compare accordion shutters and impact windows used as protection against hurricanes, enabling you to make the best decision for your home.

Hurricane Shutters

There are different types of hurricane shutter systems. Hurricane Shutter Pros specializes in accordion shutters and rolling shutters

Manufactured from high-quality aluminum and meeting the stringent standards set by Miami Dade County and the Florida Building Code, these shutters are a more affordable option than impact windows.


Accordion Shutters

Accordion shutters are one specific type of hurricane shutter system. They are installed on the sides of a window or door to pull together in the middle and lock in place. 

They have an accordion shape similar to the instrument and do not obstruct your view when opened or not in use. Hurricane Shutter Pros installs high-quality Supernova and Bertha accordion shutters and they come in four standard colors: white, ivory, beige, and bronze.

Rolling Shutters

Rolling shutters are an alternate shutters system. These are installed to roll over your windows vertically and will not block your view when fully opened.

Both accordion shutters and rolling shutters are incredibly quick to deploy, enabling you to protect your home against an oncoming hurricane in minutes rather than hours.

Accordion shutters and rolling shutters are able to withstand the incredible force of hurricane winds reaching as high as 200 mph.


Impact Windows

Impact windows are manufactured from impact-resistant glass. This technology was first used in the early 1900’s to improve the quality and impact resistance of car windshields, after which it was applied to hurricane protection for buildings.


Impact windows are able to resist the force of hurricane winds and the impact of debris swept up by these winds. They are more expensive than hurricane shutters, like accordion shutters, but are far more durable.

Impact windows have the added benefit of being energy efficient, insulating your home from the outside environment. This will seriously reduce your energy bill, especially when your climate control is running full time during the summer heat waves.

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Installing accordion shutters over normal windows is the most budget-friendly solution for hurricane protection. However, the most effective hurricane protection solution is to install accordion shutters over impact windows and doors, since you will get the benefit of both impact-resistant materials and the accordion shutters.


When you have either accordion shutters in or impact windows and doors installed on your home, you can receive a discount on your homeowner’s insurance. 


Impact windows installed alone is a great long-term solution. These windows are incredibly resilient and will definitely withstand severe weather.

Installing impact windows has the added benefit of home security – no casual burglar will be able to smash these windows to loot your prized possessions.


Now that you understand the differences and benefits of accordion shutters and impact windows as hurricane protection solutions, you are better equipped to decide on the solution that best suits your specific needs.

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