Building Permits

Whether you are installing storm panels, hurricane shutters or impact windows and doors, you need to obtain a building permit. Because all of those systems involve some type of structural change to the home, the city or county needs to approve of those changes, albeit minimal.

Homeowners are welcome to pull their own building permits, however the process is very detailed and requires in-depth knowledge of the storm protection system that is being installed.

Permit applications need to indicate the parts that are being used in the installation as well as how they are being installed on the home. Plan drawings and notices of acceptance must accompany the permit applications as well.

Permit applications must be paid for and submitted to the city or county where the home is located. To know which permit application is the correct one, visit your county’s property appraiser website and search for your home.

The folio number for your home would indicate the code for the corresponding city or county where the permit application must be submitted.

Most of the time, unincorporated areas default to the county applications, whereas the incorporated cities require their city-specific applications. If you are unsure, you must call your city’s building department and ask a representative for help.

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Due to the intricate process of obtaining a building permit, most contractors who install hurricane shutters and impact windows and doors conveniently offer the service to take the burden off of the homeowner.

Once the permit is approved, which can take up to a few weeks, it must be paid for and picked up or printed from the web depending on the city or county. The issued permit must be present at the installation site while the installation is in process.

Electrical Permits

If you opt for having motorized rolling shutters installed on your property then you will also need to pull an electrical permit. The process for electrical permits is similar to building permits but the documents may vary.

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