This video demonstrates how to use a push lock for an accordion shutter system. This is the main lock used for our most popular hurricane protection product. Easily close your accordion shutters and push in the lock. Use the key to open the lock.

Video of a Representative Demonstrating How to Use the Push Lock to Lock and Unlock Accordion Shutters

Video Transcript

So this right here is our HV push lock. This is the most common lock that we use on all of our shutter systems. It’s pretty straightforward. As you could see you push and it locks. This is the key that it comes with. With this key, you’re able to unlock it. You also have a cover so that no water goes inside of your lock.

All standard with every install that we do. So now real quickly, I’m going to show you how it closes. Very important, as you could see here, there’s a receiver on the inside of this blade, and there’s also a receiver on this side of this blade. So it’s very important that this piece connects here and this piece connects here in order for your push lock to close.

So… quickly here, as you can see, we’ve got the connection. And that’s the lock. So that’s your push lock. See nice and tight. Nothing that can open that up, put your key in, turn to the right, pops, your lock, and then just disconnect your blades. And then from there, you’re set.

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